German Shepherd Dam

VP Pia von Lotta

Dog Profile: Pia von Lotta is a large and strong female, with excellent red color and dark eyes. She is a playful, sweet and loving, yet a powerful dog with excellent drives and energy. Pia loves her family and loves to play. Pia comes from an outstanding German pedigree full of V/VA rated and Schutzhund titled dogs. Her father is V1 (BSZS) Arre vom Huhnegrab and her mother is VA1 (USA) Wiva vom Zellwaldrand. Her grandparents include VA Lennox von Regina Pacis and VA Etoo aus Wattenscheid along with other greats including V Tyson vom Kottersbusch, 2X VA Dux de Intercanina and VA Paer vom Hasenborn. Pia's hips and elbows are rated A1/A1, the highest European rating and she has passed her OFA cardiac clearance. Pia will pass along her fabulous temperament and rich color to her pups.

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