V Homar di Ca'Venier IPO1/Kkl1 and Finchen von Arlett!

V Homar di Ca'Venier IPO1/Kkl1 and Finchen von Arlett! Litter due June 12!

Puppy Profile: These puppies will have high trainability, outstanding temperaments and be suitable for show, working and breeding. They will also be family oriented and make excellent companions! They will inherit superb black and red pigment, exceptional temperaments and healthy bloodlines from both parents.

Lexus vom Eichenplatz

male V Homar dI Ca'Venier IPO1/Kkl1

Lexus vom Eichenplatz

male Finchen von Arlett

female Dam Profile: Finchen von Arlett is a nice sized female with outstanding black and red pigment. Finchen has a very sweet personality and loves to play! Finchen comes from a 100% German pedigree with many V/VA rated dogs. She is linebred 5-3 on VA4 Flipp von Arlett. She is the daughter of V2 (BSZS) Fight vom Holtkamper and the granddaughter of VA8 Peik vom Holtkamper Hof on her father's side and VA2 Nino von Tronje on her mother's side. Finchen's hip/elbow ratings are A1/A1, the highest European rating. FInchen has been tested for degenerative myelopathy (DM) and is DM clear!

female Stud Profile: V Homar di Ca'Venier is titled in Schutzhund (IPO1) and his is Kkl1 (recommended to breed). Homar is a substantial male with a nice temperament. Homar's pedigree includes many outstanding dogs. He is the son of 2X VA1 (world champion) Remo vom Fichtenschlag and the grandson of 2x VA1 (world champion) Vegas du Haut Mansard! Homar's hips and elbows are rated A1/A1, the highest European rating.