Puppies due early October!

V (BSZS) Okky Team Agrigento, IPO2, Kkl and VV Hai von der Wolfstratte!

Puppy Profile: These puppies will inherit beautiful black and red pigment, outstanding looks and healthy bloodlines from Okky and Hai. They will be suitable for show, breeding, service work, obedience and make excellent family companions. Hai has been tested for degenerative myelopathy and is clear (DM clear) so her puppies will not be at risk for this disease.

Lexus vom Eichenplatz

male V Okky Team Agrigento, IPO1, Kkl

Lexus vom Eichenplatz

male VV Hai von der Wolfstratte

female Dam Profile: VV Hai von der Wolfstratte is a beautiful female with great structure and beautiful black and red pigment.  She has a very sweet temperament and loves people!  Hai has an impressive German pedigree packed with many V/VA rated dogs.  Her grandparents include V Goran vom Bierstadter Hof, V Uran von der Wolfstratte and V Aisha vom Kapellenberg.  Her great-grandparents include outstanding dogs such as VA Chicco Dogshof, VA Memphis vom Solebrunnen, VA Labo vom Schollweiher, VA Sabaat von Aurelius and VA Fidjy du Val D'Anzin.  Hai will pass along her sweet temperament, healthy bloodlines and beautiful looks to her puppies. Hai's hip/elbow ratings are A1/A1, the highest European rating. Hai has been tested for Degenerative Myelopathy and is clear (dm clear) so her puppies will not be at risk for this disease.

female Stud Profile: V Okky Team Agrigento is a gorgeous black and red male with superb coloring, great structure and a great temperament. Okky placed 19th in the world in the 2018 German Sieger show! Okky comes from a 100% German pedigree packed with many great dogs. On his sire's side, those dogs include VA Whillo vom Klostermoor, grandfather, VA Pacco vom Langenbungert and great grandfather VA Remo vom Fichtenschlag. On his dam's side they include VA Belino du Val D'Anzin, V Dori Team Agrigento, V Bastl aus Agrigento and V Fasko d'Ulmental among others. Okky has A1/A1 (the highest European rating) hips and elbows and will pass along healthy bloodlines and a great temperament to his pups!