SG (USCA)Netzer von Lotta and Akita Inu von der Wolfstratte!

Puppy Profile: These pups will inherit both mom and dad's outgoing personalities and good looks! These puppies will either be black/red like Akita or red sables like Netzer but either way, they will have great red pigment. They will be suitable for show, breeding, work, service/therapy and make excellent family companions! Netzer and Akita have been tested for degenerative myelopathy (DM) and are clear so their pups will not be at risk.

Lexus vom Eichenplatz

male SG (USCA) Netzer von Lotta

Lexus vom Eichenplatz

male Akita Inu von der Wolfstratte

female Dam Profile: Akita Inu von der Wolfstratte is a beautiful female with superb red pigment and an excellent temperament. Akita loves people and absolutely loves to play! Akita has an impressive German pedigree. She is the daughter V Uran von der Wolfstratte and the granddaughter of VA Saabat von Aurelius. Her great grandparents include VA Ober von Bad-Boll and VA Juri vom Schollweiher. Akita will pass along her healthy lines and great temperament to her pups. Akita's hips/elbows are A1/A2. Akita has been tested for degenerative myelopathy and is clear (DM clear) so her puppies will not be at risk for this disease.

female Stud Profile: Netzer is a handsome male with an outstanding temperament. He is very friendly, obedient and eager to please. Netzer is a rare, red sable show line. Because he also carries the black/red gene from his father, he will produce both red sable and black/red puppies. Netzer comes from healthy German lines full of VA/V rated dogs who are titled in Schutzhund. Netzer’s grandfather on his dad’s side is 2X VA (world champion) Remo vom Fichtenschlag. Netzer’s mother is the daughter of 2X VA Natz vom Land Mecklenburg and the granddaughter of VA3 Dux de Cuatro. Nezter’s puppies will inherit a great temperament and healthy bloodlines. He will also pass along great pigment in either red sable or black/red to his puppies. Netzer's hips and elbows are rated A1/A1, the highest European rating and he is DM clear (degenerative myelopathy). He has also passed his OFA cardiac clearance.