SG Flora von der Wolfstratte IPO1

Dog Profile: SG Flora von der Wolfstratte IPO1 is a beautiful black and red girl with a superb temperament. Flora loves everyone and loves to play! She comes from a strong German pedigree packed with V/VA rated dogs. Flora's father is V Zorro vom La'Mirage, her grandparents are VA Sabaat vom Aurelius, V Corsika vom Pendler and VA Enosch von Amasis and her great-grandparents include 2X VA Vegas du Haut Mansard, VA Ober von Bad-Boll, VA Juri vom Schollweiher and VA Arex von der Wilhelmswarte. Flora's hips/elbows are the highest rating of A1/A1. She has been tested for degenerative myelopathy and is clear (dm free) so her puppies will not be at risk for this disease. Flora will pass long her sweet personality and beautiful looks to her pups!

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