German Shepherd Stud

SG (BSZS) Vector von Lotta


Dog Profile: We are extremely proud to have SG (BSZS) Vector von Lotta as part of our Von Rief German Shepherd breeding program! Vector is a beautiful, young male with gorgeous mahogany color and deep black pigment. Vector is a powerfully built male with an absolutely beautiful head and great expression. He is a playful and extremely loving boy who adores his family!! Vector is linebred 3-2 on two time world champion VA1 Vegas du Manshard. Vector's father placed SG1 in the US Sieger show and is fully titled in Schutzhund. Vector's mother is also titled in Schutzhund and comes from the well known Frankengold kennel in Germany. Vector placed 93rd in the 2013 German Sieger show (BSZS) and was the highest placing American dog. He has also placed very well in the United States with several first places and was SG7 at the 2013 North American Sieger Show. Vector is producing big-boned puppies with excellent temperaments. Vector's hips and elbows are rated A1/A1 which the highest possible German rating. He is also clear for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM clear) so he cannot produce a puppy at risk for DM. Furthermore, Vector has passed his OFA cardiac exam.

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